She likes me!

7 thoughts on “She likes me!”

  1. God is so good. Whenever God leads us to go through a ‘dark forest’, if He leads and we follow His voice, He will bring us through, and you are in that beautiful field now. Trust is everything. You trusted God and now Kira trusts you. God bless you, honey.

  2. love the last picture!!!! and i think it is a girl thing…. my daughter jhocelyn went through a stage where she was having horrible fits. I’m talking the kind that if anyone walking by heard her they would have assumed something terrible was happening to her. They were very traumatizing for me… that was a time in my life that i walked through a dark forrest. But just like your Kira they finally faded off and now she adores me and I her!!

  3. One of our girls had that same personality as a baby. I will tell you I think of it as a blessing now. She is the one who will not do what anyone tells her just to make them happy. She knows that she can’t say no to us, (although she still tests that boundary now and then), but she has no problem saying no to anyone else when she isn’t fond of their idea. I think this will serve her well in her pre-teen, teen & adult years. How wonderful that you have such a strong-willed girl! And praise God that you are getting some of those priceless Kira kisses now!

  4. We recently returned from almost a month of travel/vacation and my youngest is definitely trying out his will against Mommy’s yet again. After the boys’ homecoming it was so hard because there were TWO against one and that “mental work” about which you wrote was so difficult to maintain! I’m convinced that in their case the best thing I did – which I had not done with any of my previous three, but which was highly recommended and seemed even more important for toddler adoption – was to “cloister” myself with them for a couple of months and limit outings/visitors/interactions with non-family members. Little by little they began to understand the concept of family and who was in charge and trust and attachment began to bloom. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. God knew Kira needed a momma like you–strong but loving, and someone that has great taste in shoes. I love the sneakers!!

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