My daughter has black skin and hair. I don’t.

3 thoughts on “My daughter has black skin and hair. I don’t.”

  1. Nice post. You could always find someone that knows more about caring for her hair and become a pro. I saw Good Hair, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or be horrified. Part of it was definitely scary, that’s for sure. And it is a wonderful thing to tell her she has good hair. Life gets so complicated as it is!

  2. I went to cosmetology school and worked as a hairstylist to pay my way through part of college. I remember the aprehension I felt when I had to learn about/practice on/and style black hair. I worked in a salon for a while that had quite a few black clients, and I remember the tears from the young girls who wanted straight hair. IMHO, it was not handed down from their mamas, who often wore their hair natural or in braids, but from society, who’s advertising dollars seem to be spent to make women feel like they are not beautiful as they are. May God be with you in helping Kira master the art of being a woman. 🙂

  3. hi tonyalatorre, i stumbled across your site and wanted to share some encouragement for you and Kira *beautiful name by the way*- take your time and keep it as simple as possible 🙂 I am the co-founder of and would love to assist in any way possible.


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