The Labor Pains of Adoption

7 thoughts on “The Labor Pains of Adoption”

  1. Two weeks probably seemed like an eternity, but if that is all it took, praise God! Nine years later we still have some moments like that with our 16 year old and 13 year old. It’s really hard when they still push us away, but God gives the grace and the wisdom when we need it. We will never understand what our kids are really going through on the inside, but God does.

  2. Deeply loving doesn’t alway happen in a lovely way. In this instance, through lots of Kira’s loud noices!

    I also love the pictures

  3. Thank you for being honest about the transition. It helps to hear the good and bad, because that’s reality. We’re (hopefully) preparing for ups and downs in our journey, too!

  4. This is what i love about you…genuine.
    (20 lbs. 20lbs….nope, don’t EVER remember it being just 20lbs….!! lol 😉

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