Lessons from living in Africa: Waste nothing

4 thoughts on “Lessons from living in Africa: Waste nothing”

  1. Tonya,

    The Lord led me to your post just after quiet time and the Scripture I posted this morning had richer meaning when I read your blog and viewed your pics with tears streaming down my face and a happy ; but, heavy heart. I have a happy heart because here close to where I live is someone who is living out His word with love and it touched me to see how these children have so little yet, are so happy and loving. My heart is heavy as it settled on the pictures of the children and I ask God today…what do you want me to do? I will continue to pray about that for clearer answers, but, for this minute I do know I can give up some things and want to know how I can get some money to them. Please get me the address. Thank you for being His shining light of love and bringing Him glory.

    Kelly Pichon

  2. Mommy Tonya, your children are so beautiful, and so full of thanks, your work with them is good. They print well. who teaches them?

  3. Oh, Mommy Tonya, you are Jesus with skin on to these children. Btw, I wish they had peanut sauce in Rwanda. Just green bananas which I never developed a taste for. Nor for posho.

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