The Next Chapter

5 thoughts on “The Next Chapter”

  1. i will be the first in line to purchase your book! reading your blog about Uganda and the people there has made me desire to help out, to go there, to meet the wonderful people. honestly, the people sound alot like the people of venezuela and it made me miss it so…. but anyways… good luck on the book i can’t wait to read it myself one day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Will keep you in our prayers! We know God will bless all His endeavors in you. We love you. Kisses and hugs to our Kira.

  3. Please write your memoir, we all need to hear your love of your daughter, Kira, the orphans in Uganda and especially God’s love for each and everyone and the true miracles He is working through you and your family, friends and all the folks that want to know the truth. Jack truly inspires all of us as does all the people working to help those orphans. My prayers are for all everywhere.
    love always and forever

  4. Oh a book sounds amazing! I know I will buy a copy or more than one!! After going and seeing the people and needs of Uganda, I can’t get my mind off it!! I’m so excited to hear more about your family’s partnership with these incredible people and the precious children in the orphanage there. Thank you for being willing to share, I know many good things will come of it!

  5. AHA, I knew you’d mention the book sooner rather than later! 🙂 You can BET I’m praying about it; He’ll tap you on the shoulder when the perfect time comes. I miss you. 😦 But, like you said…”see you soon!”

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