Shifting Kira into an American girl life

5 thoughts on “Shifting Kira into an American girl life”

  1. Kira is beyond precious–those big brown eyes are so delicious!! I don’t blame Kevin one bit–middle school can be so torturous! Hope he gets to feeling better soon…
    I know what you mean about the hair–after being gone 3 months taking care of my mom last year, I had my hair done the day after I got home! Give you body time to adjust–it’s been under more of a shock than you probably realize! You’re a new mom–rest when the baby does!! Blessings!

  2. Yes, please rest and let your body adjust to being here with your new daughter. She is indeed beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands around her with all the love I have and hopefully she will love my kisses too. May God’s love and light shine on all of you.
    love always and forever

  3. I have been home a month and my heart and mind still wanders every single day to Uganda, especially towards that “house on the hill” and those who live there and frequent it. I would go back tomorrow. I especially miss the children…. particularly one little chocolate bunny who now lives in Texas. Mom

  4. Love that beautiful face, can’t wait to pinch those precious cheeks, grandmas are allowed aren’t they? Glad to hear all is going well so far.
    Mom L.

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