We are home from Uganda!

16 thoughts on “We are home from Uganda!”

  1. I LOVE your descriptions of Kira. I’m in love with her already; you’ve made it so easy! Praise God you are home. Home and yet Uganda will always be with you. We all feel that too thanks to your commitment to help us to see. Love, love, love you!

  2. This is the post I have been waiting for. I am so glad you are safely, happily home. Our boys were also deathly afraid of dogs when they arrived – we don’t have one, but my brother-in-law’s house has a big labrador, and that is where we stayed their first week home. Now they are gradually coming around! 🙂

    There are other things I wish to tell you! – but the call has come to leave for church. I will comment back later. For now, many many many congratulations to all of you! We are so happy and rejoice with you!

  3. Congratulations you guys!!!! Tracey and I are so excited for you and your family. We hope to meet Kira very soon. Tonya, I think you and Kira should have a girls day of shopping, shopping and more shopping. Welcome her to the United States in style. I spoke with Craig yesterday and he said that money was no object! Spend, spend, spend. Congrats again on your new daughter.

  4. Welcome home! From your description of Kira, she’ll be riding Lucy like a horse in no time!! I would also try to keep Emily from going home–she sounds too good to be true!

  5. I’m back! What I wanted to comment on earlier was the “tourist attraction” – we live that reality daily here in Chile. Unfortunately here most people do not ask to take pictures and often we’ll be doing our own thing as a family when out of the corner of my eye I’ll see someone’s cell phone pointed at our boys. But hopefully now that you and Kira are home everyone will become happily and quickly accustomed to seeing the two of you together!

    Final comment – I recently finished reading the book “Does Anybody Else Look Like Me? A Parent’s Guide to Raising Multiracial Children” by Donna Jackson Nakazawa and found it to be a good resource. Just wanted to pass that along as a possibility for your ever-growing library.

    God bless!

  6. Welcome back! So glad your travels were relatively uneventful! When you get settled, we can discuss how to get my books to you for the library in Uganda. I’ll be starting to go through them soon in preparation for our move! Many blessings as you continue to adjust back to the U.S. and life with Kira!

  7. So glad you are all back safe and sound. Now you get to be the object of pictures! Fol lowing your blog everyday made it feel like we were right there with you. Can’t wait to hear personally and be involved with all your plans when we get there in February. Give Kiraand her big brothers a huge hug from us.
    Mom L

  8. Hello Tonya,

    How wonderful to read and hear that you now have Kira home. So funny that I happen to think about you today and wanted to make contact and get an update. Wow, what an experience…. I can not wait to meet her when you come to the Outer Banks this summer. From what I have read I can only imagine the relief and contentment you must be feeling right now.

    Happy 2011
    Katy Caroline

  9. WOW, all the above folks and family are thrilled you all are home with your new daughter Kira. Praise God and Thank God for your safe return.
    love always and forever

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