Learning about Ugandan culture

5 thoughts on “Learning about Ugandan culture”

    1. Thank you! I love writing these posts. We planned from the beginning to stay in Uganda six weeks regardless of when we got our visa. We asked God to give us work to do for Him while we completed our adoption and my goodness has he taken our offer and made it blossom.

  1. Harrison’s planning on coming home for the “Born to be Wild” conference Feb. 4, so Donny’s more than welcome to come home with him then! I’m so glad he was able to experience Uganda and love on Kira during Christmas!

  2. I love reading your blog, Tonya and your pictures. What a beautiful experience you all are having in Uganda. The people sound very grounded and very sweet. I agree that having candlelight and friends/folks coming in to eat at meal time is such a warm event. We need less calendar time here and more “together” time.
    love always and forever

  3. I think the perfect situation would be a the best of Uganda life and the best of American life. It’s like opposite ends meeting in the middle. It’s amazing how we can learn from each other.

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