The chicken slaughter theater by Mzungus in Uganda

9 thoughts on “The chicken slaughter theater by Mzungus in Uganda”

  1. I’m enjoying your posts so much! How you describe everything is so right….have been to Uganda twice. In the process of adopting from there now and just getting so anxious anticipating when my time will come. Your family is beautiful!

  2. Wow. Emily sounds like the Proverbs 31 woman and Martha Stewart (the good qualities) all in one! I’m so glad you have her as a soulmate there, especially when Craig had to be out of the country. Our husbands are wonderful, but there’s not substituting our girlfriends! Blessings to her for being such a blessing to others.

    Thanks for allowing us to live this experience through your fabulous words and photos. We can’t wait to have you, your family and baby Kira back home! Happy New Year!!!

  3. I have always recognized Em’s beautiful character and you have been enable to see it, share it and perfectly describe it. She definately is a Godly woman and so much fun too!! Beautiful inside and out. Slaughtering chickens….those 6 chickens on thier farm better learn to hide! Congrats to Jordan, I can just hear him describing that to his friends! Can’t wait to talk to Craig when he gets back.

  4. Every time I read one of your blogs I feel like I am actually there with all of you, makes me feel so good and also a part of what’s happening in your world, thank you for being a terrific writer and I love all the pictures. Having grown up on a farm and raising and cleaning too many chickens, I actually prefer veggies too. I, like Emily – I milked fourteen cows by hand when I was in high school, morning and night so I admire Emily greatly.
    love always and forever

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