Never a dull moment in Uganda

7 thoughts on “Never a dull moment in Uganda”

  1. George, the “president”? He was the guide for Harrison’s crew when they went to Uganda his sr. year. He will be thrilled to find out the great news of the wedding. Continue you the wonderful work God has set before you!

  2. Dear Tony

    I enjoyed reading your happy adventure in Uganda, my mother country and I would love if you don’t mind sharing your story with our magazine readers.

    Best regards

    Willy Mutenza
    The Promota.
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  3. Em’s on a motorcycle!! (oops,”boda”) lol! Thank you, George for keeping Em’ safe!haha. So happy that the visa process is going smoothly. Praying for all of you.

  4. Wow, all in one day..from machetes, (how will they get them on the plane?) to chickens (anxious to hear Craig’s experience), to the market (sorry Jack), to the embassy(congratulations), than home to a delicious meal (thanks Em)…oh, and to the bank Craig! EXCITING DAY, no wonder you needed a ‘sabboth day’

  5. Oh my goodness, what excitement, and adventure and joy and great pictures, you all most certainly make my day, every day. Thank you so much Tonya for writing all the fun things that are happening to everyone. Emily sounds like a trooper and I can”t wait for the pictures of Criag taking care of the chicken for dinner. Good luck with the eight minutes, though I have great faith in you.
    love always and forever

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