African Safari for Christmas

3 thoughts on “African Safari for Christmas”

  1. The trip sounded perfect in every way, I’m so happy you all had this time and wonderful experience together, definately a ‘Merry’ Christmas for all of you. So glad Kira is a good traveler, since this is the only way we as a family (spred so far apart) can get together!

  2. I’m not sure why but reading this account brings tears to my eyes. It all sounds so wonderful. Pedro and I took our quarterly 4-hour-each-way drive through the desert to cross the border with our little boys yesterday (for Chilean visa purposes) and we talked about some long-term family goals. All I could think about are the trips I dream of taking with our kids: to Haiti so they all understand Ian and Alec’s roots, to Sudan (at least Owen and Pedro and I) to uncover Owen’s heritage, and of course I would love to take a Ugandan trip with you, especially with my girls. Although I don’t know if we’ll ever make it in this lifetime, I also long to visit Curacao and Bonaire where dear friends we made in Texas call home. SOMEDAY!! One of the greatest privileges of MK life as I experienced it was the travel and I hope my children will recognize and cherish this gift as well.

  3. What a happy and great joy you all are having on your African Safari and now as a whold family. Kira has to be the best baby of all, sounds to me like she has “adopted” all of you as quickly as everyone loves her so much already. God Bless each and every one. Can’t wait for the pictures.
    love always and forever

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