Bonding with an adopted child

3 thoughts on “Bonding with an adopted child”

  1. Perfect words on the ideals of true-love parenting. You articulate so well what is in the hearts of many people! You are a gift dear Tonya, not only to Kira, but to me as well. I love you.

  2. I always appreciate reading insights from others who are walking this path of bonding through adoption. After three adoptions we may have naively thought we knew what we were doing come numbers 4 & 5, but adopting toddlers (and two at once) has certainly stretched and hopefully grown our family in ways we could not have anticipated before this year! Yet what a joy to finally be together this Christmas. 🙂

    Kira’s dress is adorable in that last picture, as are her bright and shining eyes and beautiful smile. What a “cherished gift” indeed!

  3. What a beautiful face and that smile will make anyone melt immediately….Craig get ready, I’m pretty sure she will figure you out very quickly. Tonya your thoughts on how you will respond to her will, make, her as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

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