Our first visit to the Comforter Center in Kampala

2 thoughts on “Our first visit to the Comforter Center in Kampala”

  1. So neat that Jack got to meet Andrew. We will pray for Joy’s recovery and that Veronica will get the funds they need for the new year. “My continuing prayer is that I reserve my words to say what I truly intend to do and accomplish…” I am FLYING to Katy, Texas someday to meet my niece and hug her mom.. (no “empty promises”)

  2. Tonya, I just want you to know that you inspire me each and every day, it’s such a joy to read your daily routine ? – and you are so smart and loving and giving also. I also will be watching my words so that I have meaning and love to share with another person. I love how beautiful and prescious Kirabo is, now i understand whey you went through so much to adopt and have her for you and Craig’s daughter and the boys sister.I’m also grateful that your MOM is home safely. She called me this morning and I’m anxious to talk with her. Be safe and know I love you with all my heart and soul.
    love always and forever

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