Miracle Center Kawempe’s ministry to the Police

6 thoughts on “Miracle Center Kawempe’s ministry to the Police”

  1. So thankful to God for the way He is protecting all of you. Also, for the way He is showing you all the many, many needs there. Where to begin to pray about!? Please tell Edde that Emily’s mom is praying extra for him! Also, for Pastor Robert and his precious family and his burden for the policemen. Love you all so very much.
    In Christ Jesus,
    Carol LaTorre

  2. wow what information! thank you for informing us in the ways we can pray for uganda and it’s people! i will be praying for emily as well. it sounds like God is going to be using her in a mighty way for HIS glory!

  3. I love starting my day out by reading your blog(s), some days I just miss one or two and then play catch-up! My prayers are with all of you and your safety and for Pastor Robert and all the people that Praise God and help those who have not been given an opportunity to know our God and their God too. I love you Tonya for all your efforts in Uganda and for Emily and all your families. Please be safe and have the best every Merry Christmas and Happiest New Year.
    love always and forever

  4. On 31st-July-11, Pastor Robert shared with us a wonderful message from the Bible. His theme was, ‘THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM’
    I note: People who have spiritual authority over our lives hold keys for the doors of heaven. We read in Matthew 16:13-19.
    I noted:…I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven;…
    Another scripture was Luke 4:18.
    It was an awesome moment, full of spiritual touch and prophesy.
    Am ready to see them happen to me…:)
    Woo, I enjoyed the session.

    Thank you dear God

    1. HI David,
      Thanks for sharing that message and for checking in with us. I am praying the ministry there grows deep roots into the truths from God’s word. Tonya

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