I admire the women here in Uganda.

4 thoughts on “I admire the women here in Uganda.”

  1. Oh my – I read this on a break from doing laundry and moaning to myself about all the loads I have left to do. I need that photo of Phiona with her gloves and buckets hung in my laundry room as a reminder that I really have nothing to moan about! Thanks for sharing Tonya!

  2. I give you all the credit for doing your own laundry, however, thank you very much but I’ll keep my new washing machine and dryer. I do remember washing clothes by hand and hanging them on the clothes line in freezing weather and bring them indoors – stiff as a board to dry – but oh my did they smell good when you put the pillow slips and sheets on the bed and went to sleep on them! They call them the “good old days” – ok, I had enough of those to last me the rest of my life. No complaints here, just like the “here and now.”
    love always and forever

  3. Tonya, only you would think of doing laundry as a “workout”. You are too funny. Please remember, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers never heard of a washer and dryer. My Mother, having 7 kids, plus my grandmother living with us, did all the laundry in a washing machine, but she never had a dryer until the 70’s. She hung the clothes outdoors or in the basement. WE HAVE IT MADE. Enjoy your workout. I enjoy reading your entries; keep them coming. Love you

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