Learning to parent an adopted baby.

6 thoughts on “Learning to parent an adopted baby.”

  1. oh this warms my heart! Please tell Emily thank you for taking a sweet interest in our boy Bauer. Can’t wait until we are the ones making him laugh!! I love the way you are getting to know your sweet one…it takes time to build that trust and bond. That is what she needs most now!

  2. I am now able to read your blog daily, thank goodness as I was so lonely for information about how all of you are doing! I’m so grateful “Nana” got to get as close to “heaven” right now seeing all the beautiful animals in Africa – no one on this earth deserves this more than your MOM! I planned to go to church this morning but there is about six inches of new snow outdoors and still snowing. OK, with me as I have plenty of food and I am so comfortable in my new condo, plus they do all the shoveling and snow plowing, YEAH as this is what I wanted! Cannot wait until your MOM comes to stay with me for a few days. Cindy and Michael are only five minutes down the road, God has truly blessed me!!!!!!!!!!
    love to all, hugs for you, MOM, Kira and Emily and the boys too

  3. A day with Kira…that sounds so good. Soon it will be days, weeks, months and years with Kira….waiting anxiously for my few days with Kira.

  4. I wish I had had one of the aunties to help me get Harrison into the schedule Kira’s on–he hardly ever slept and had colic for the first 3 months. I could’ve used some of their wonderful techniques! I was thinking how wonderful it was for you that she sleeps through the night, takes naps and is so healthy!

    I’m glad you finally have Kira in your home–what a blessed Christmas it will be for the whole LaTorre family!

  5. Fun to read this–you are so obviously in your element. Hope you get that Kira kiss soon, and a picture of her kissing herself in the mirror, so that one day when she’s a teenager full of troubled teenager thoughts about herself, she can look at the photo remember how natural it is to love herself, as God loves her.

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