Our dangerous elephant encounter on Safari

5 thoughts on “Our dangerous elephant encounter on Safari”

  1. Very lucky you to have been able to experience them in the wild despite that close call with the bull. I hope to be able to make it out one day to “meet” them in their natural habitat. My favorite photographer takes amazing images of the animals of Africa. Thought I’d share: Nick Brandt (www.nickbrandt.com).

  2. I m so grateful that “Studly” decided to go the other way – I do not want anything to happen to anyone on that trip. Please be as safe as possible.
    love always and forever

    Outstanding pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! What an adventure! It’s great to hear about it. I love your pictures!! I’m sure you will treasure them as the years go by. And Kira will be able to marvel at the beauty of her homeland!

  4. Elephants have been my favorite animals since I was a little girl. I used to collect them in every type of material imaginable in Chile – copper, lapis, onyx, etc. What an awesome opportunity to see them “up close and personal!”

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