Taking care of business in Uganda

5 thoughts on “Taking care of business in Uganda”

  1. have fun on your safari! CAN NOT wait to see those pictures!!! makes me miss the jungle so much. even though we didn’t have those types of animals it still makes me long for the land untouched by human hands!

  2. I have been faithfully reading your blog probably as long as you have been writing it. Your blog and Stephanie’s are joined together so when I read one I check the other. It is fascinating following your experiences both related to the adoption and life as a whole with the wonderful family that God has given to you. Please be assured of Gail’s and my prayers for you.

    Love in Christ,
    Jim and Gail

  3. Of course, I love your blogs the most. However, I am not used to have this be the primary way of learning of your (and the kids) actvities! I hang on each word from my very, very best friend! I miss you guys.

  4. I agree with Craig, I miss you guys too, along with Craig and Donny and Jorday.
    Tonya, no words will ever express how much I love your blogs, you are such a good writer and excellent “missionary photographer” – I love all the pictures and especially to see your MOM so happy and excited to finally after all these years of waiting to be able to go on her African Safari (sp)! Have a great time, take lots of pictures and enjoy and be safe.
    love to all always andforever

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