An American conducting business in Uganda.

7 thoughts on “An American conducting business in Uganda.”

  1. SOOOOOOOOO like Rwanda. Every bit of it. Feel like I”m there with you. Only I’m staying behind to hold Kira while you go on safari. tee hee.

  2. wow, I would love to hear how you coordinated the safari, I’m really interested in doing something like that, when we are there.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. My husband and I just brought our son Duncan (or Aidan as he was called at the babies’ home) back from Uganda at the end of October. He is from the same babies home as Kira. She is a doll! I have a few restaurant suggestions for you to check out: Le Petite Village (it’s near the embassy). There is a great restaurant and coffee shop there. It felt like an oasis in the midst of chaos. We also loved 1000 Cups Coffee. It’s a great coffee shop with sandwiches and a craft market with great prices! Enjoy every minute of your journey!

  4. Oh, I love reading these entries! You bring Uganda back for me. I am a bit jealous, I admit-we’re ready for our call from Ethiopia. But hearing your journey gives me hope. Enjoy the safari-the boys will love it!

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