Church in Uganda

10 thoughts on “Church in Uganda”

  1. i had a Christmas party yesterday and every one who saw me with a Xmas present was surprised, guess we a never in a hurry for anything.

  2. We so appreciate your family for coming to us yesterday. It was great!wonderful!
    Great to meet your family! It was unbelievable!
    We are grateful to God who lead you our way!We are privileged to know you!
    Kira is so blessed to have such a loving, God fearing family!
    Thank you ever so much for lunch.
    We all are still processing our time together!
    We are looking so forward for the next meeting!
    We continue to ask God’s blessing on the rest of your stay.

  3. What a perfectly wonderful day for all of you. The simplicity is so freeing, leaving time just to love and enjoy. I am sure God desires that calm , happy, peace for all of us. But we, here, have filled ourselves with everything but the joy that comes from celebrating the truly important things!

  4. This post made me cry. I love all that you are experiencing in Uganda. It makes me long for a chance to visit. But most of all it deepens the appreciation I have for your family, your love and grace extended to others. One of my regrets from my three visits to Haiti was never having an opportunity to experience Haitian church. Thank you for sharing Ugandan worship through your words and pictures! What a great GOD we serve, wherever in the world we might be.

  5. Tonya,

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I miss worship in Uganda. As I have often said when I preach or speak in Uganda, I hope that when we get to heaven God will ask the Ugandans to lead us in worship! Please give my love and regards to Pastor Robert and Rose.

    Pastor Alex an I arrived in Cambodia hours ago. We will continue to follow your journey as we continue ours.


  6. I too, long for the simplicity and lack of commercial emphasis on Christmas. Each year it’s getting harder and harder to shop for gifts just because society expects us to. I can’t think of a more precious gift to your family than Kira–she’s a “heart gift” that is bringing so much joy and love to your family. That’s the best type of gift of all!!

    We didn’t have the dancing like Uganda yesterday in church, but Josh Allen preached on Habbakkuk, and for such a small book of the Bible, it had such a powerful impact. O.K., I bawled like a baby and vowed to make this book a center of my life. God’s plans and timing is perfect–it is all about His story, not mine. I see how your story is playing into His plans–not only are you building a bond with Uganda and Kira, but creating a bond for us there, too. Continued blessings with your family, and protection while Craig is away. Merry Christmas, LaTorre Family!

  7. Tonya – I caught up on your posts last night and was overwhelmed with happiness. Thank you for sharing even the smallest details of your journey. I am sure you will inspire many to action through your gift of writing. Loved the photo! We continue to pray for you and your family.
    ~Karen & Shawn

  8. I’m playing catch-up on your blogs of Uganda and Kira and family – it’s hard to unpack and get settled in my new home, which I love dearly, but I am devoting this morning to reading your love of Africa and truly appreciate the pictures of your MOM and my daughter and know how long she has waited for the opportunity to visit Africa and I know the children flock to her because she is my angel and they know that! HER HEART IS A BIG AS THE UNIVERSE, IF NOT BIGGER! I now have my Cindy hooked on reading your blogs too, which is great. Be safe, hug everyone for me too.
    love always and forever

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