Visiting the Source of the Nile River

3 thoughts on “Visiting the Source of the Nile River”

  1. Why is hair so important especially to us women? We worry about it, comb it, brush it, curl it, staighten it, are constantly aware of how it looks. We spend lots of money on it, are never satisfied with it. We spend so much time on it, we either love it, or hate it and yet if we see it in our plate we’re horrified and disgusted! I think the aunties have the right answer…just shave it!Mom

  2. Agree with Mom. Shave it!
    Hey Em’….so I guess the practice with cold showers here at the farm is paying off!! Cool!

  3. Maybe it ‘s because the Bible says a woman’s hair is her crowning glory (or something like that), and the fact that men have a “thing” about women’s hair. It takes a very confident man to be O.K. with his wife having very short hair.

    I’m sure Kira will look absolutely adorable no matter if she has hair or not. From what I’ve seen, she has an inner light that makes her radiantly beautiful!

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