Tea time, bath rituals, and potty breaks

5 thoughts on “Tea time, bath rituals, and potty breaks”

  1. I am going to print all of your blog posts during the trip, and your emails, and I will save them in a book for Amelia. She will love these detailed descriptions of her very first home!

  2. Hi Tonya, Craig, Jack and Kevin and especially Mary and Kira – I hope this goes to you all and want you to know that I have cried through all of these blogs and so grateful to God that Mary/MOM/Nana made it safely to Africa and to hold Kira and go to court. I’ve said I am with all of you in spirit but sure wish I could be there in person to hold my great granddaughter Kira too. That is why I have been crying – I so want to be with all of you! Plan I my making a trip to Texas in 2011 to hold Kira too and be with everyone! love always and forever Grandma

  3. Ginnie, I’m thinking about and hope you can get some sleep during this time. Take care, Cindy.

    Tonya, I love the picture of Jack in the netting. Please post more pictures of all of you. I’d like to see your MOM in some netting!!!

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