Playing with babies all day was delightful.

12 thoughts on “Playing with babies all day was delightful.”

  1. I’m getting in so much trouble because I’m checking for your posts 20 times a day instead of doing housework! I’m not much of a book-reader, but Kira LaTorre’s story is captivating. As you bond with her, so am I. It’s the sweetest love story I’ve ever read. You and your family will be in my prayers as officially becomes your daughter tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

  2. Tonya & Craig – How fabulous that you got your Kira to smile for you. Our prayers are with you for your BIG DAY tomorrow!

  3. Praying that your mom arrives safely and that your court date goes smoothly. How awesome that one of Kira’s grandmas can be there when she becomes yours legally. I know that you all will enjoy your time in Uganda.

  4. It fills me with joy to see how God is caring for these orphans. Psalm 144 promises us that, and you all are fulfilling scripture!
    As soon as I’m there this Christmas Break, I call dibs on holding Kira.
    I love you guys! I will be praying for the court date tomorrow!!

  5. Tonya & Craig,

    I am so happy for all of you. I am not much of a facebook person. But I logon everyday so I can catch up on what wonderful new things are happening in your lives. What a blessing all of you are to each other. We will continue to keep praying for you. God Bless

  6. I’m so excited, Dad and I too are glued to the computer waiting on every word. I pray all day long as I wonder what is happing at that exact moment. I shared your story and picture with my bible study on Wednesday, we praised God and prayed HIS continued care for all of you. With so many people cheering and praying for all of you, God is sure to respond in miraculis ways.

  7. Although we love the pictures you take, they take second to your words, Tonya. Hey, you got your “smile”!! You are IN!!

  8. I have to agree with Carol. Your writing is amazing Tonya. You are so detail on your descriptions that I have my own pictures in my head. I am so glad to hear things are going so well there. I will be praying for your court day tomorrow. Love you and enjoying every minute of this experience with you. Say hi to everyone for me.

  9. Hi there! I have been led to your blog b/c we are in Uganda too- adopting. We are rounding into our 4th week here so if you ever find yourself with some down time, we would love to meet up for some coffee sometime.

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