Meeting Kira

10 thoughts on “Meeting Kira”

  1. This evening Eva walked past the computer and asked, “Mommy, why are you always at that page?” and I told her it was because I was waiting for news … I must have hit “refresh” three dozen times today! 🙂

    So very, very happy that you have met and held and loved on your precious little Kira and longing with you for time to fly that you may no longer be separated even for an evening.

  2. yayayayayayayayay!! Not even sure what to say except yay, finally, and go God. And good luck with making something other than posho. Ewww.

  3. LOVE this post, LOVE hearing about your first day with sweet Kira, and I am so thankful to have your perspective! I feel like it’s Christmas already since you are there being my eyes with a camera & my every other sense with your talented writing skills!

  4. All your recent posts have brought tears–to imagine baby Kira sleeping as you sang to her is so precious. I’m so glad you finally had your “alone time” with her, and that she accepted you and your family so readily. We can’t wait for your next post!

    Kira studying you reminds me of when Harrison and his group first went into an Uganda orphanage 6 hrs away from Kampala–these children had never seen Caucasians before and wide-eyed. Harrison gingerly picked up two and put them in his lap–after that the party began!

  5. So glad to see this entry! Y’all have been on my mind and in my prayers all day. Thank you for taking time to share a glimpse of your journey with those of us still at home.

  6. so glad to see this post! i was waiting for it all day today! i’m so glad you finally got to hold your sweet baby girl in your arms! and so happy that daddy held her during nap time. that was always my favorite time to savor them!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your amazing day! We are so glad to be able to follow your journey. Our family is continuing to pray for you all.

  8. Hi Tonya, we are with the same agency you are and have 2 waiting for us (hopefully meeting them in Jan for court!) I so appreciated this and your previous posts. I too have forced myself not to wander into that dreamland of being at last united with my children. So I was grateful to hear about your experience and suprise at your own emotions. Thank you for being so candid and genuine…we are praying for your family and hope we are there very soon!

  9. so happy you and your family finally got to meet little kira! many blessings for a safe return home to begin your new life together as one big happy family! God bless! ox!

  10. So thankful and excited that your first meeting with Kira was a wondeful time for all of you. Talk of how your life will never be the same for all of you, reminds me of how much Kira’s life is about to change too. I love the picture in my mind of Craig finally holding his little girl.

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