15 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. Oh Tonya!

    Iam also waiting in anticipation for next post, after you have met Kirabo.

    I am so happy for your family, Iam so thankful to God!

  2. Just before bed I checked Ugandan time and it was close to 6 AM … I told Pedro I imagined you would all be waking soon and very soon you would be meeting your Kira!! Your blog was the first thing I checked this morning. I am so joyful for you!!!

  3. I miss that house! It’s beautiful isn’t it? Oh and Fiona is so great! Miss her! Well, you must have already met Kira by now. I hope it was amazing!

  4. I am now just hours from boarding my plane. Pete will be so happy to know you are able to blog daily….I am assuming it is from the house where you are staying. He will be glued to your blog, as will so many of my friends. See you tomorrow Tonya, Craig, Kev, Jack and Emily and KIRA! Give her a hug from her nana. love, mom

  5. o my goodness Tonya, as I was falling asleep last night I realized that you could be meeting your precious daughter right that moment. I hope right now you are all playing with her and holding her forever! O how I wait to see a picture of you holding her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It seems there were many of us thinking of you last night Tonya! I woke up this morning and looked at my phone first thing to check your blog… so much love and joy from so many people is flowing your family’s direction. What a wonderful thing!

  7. At this very moment, you must be holding your precious Kira. God is Good!!! Blessings on this most special day! Kiss those precious cheeks for us!

  8. Your love and gratitude are infectious.
    By the way, that is a great picture of Fiona. You capture so much of her calm strength I feel like I know her. I love hearing about your impressions of Uganda and why you feel so connected there.

  9. What a beautiful post! May God use you in mighty ways as you continue to obey His calling on your life. I know your story will be an inspiration and a blessing to many, as it already has been. Blessings!

  10. We are glad that you all arrived safely in Uganda. Please know that our family is praying for you every day! We can’t wait to hear about your first meeting with Kira. We are so happy for you guys!!!

  11. Hi everyone – For some unknown reason to me I have not been able to respond to your blog! Makes me angry as I want you all to know my prayers are constantly with you for your love and safety and especially for your Blessed daughter, Kira. I, also pray that your Mom has a safe trip to be with you all.
    love always and forever

  12. I woke up at 3 AM and knew you must all be taking turns holding Kira. Than at about 8AM we got the picture!!!! What a thrill to see our 16th grandchild. Thanks Craig – just wish we were there, now I have to be patient and wait my turn!Mom

  13. We are very excited for all of you! Enjoy your time and keep posting. I love the updates – it makes us feel like part of your journey! xoxo Rob & Tracey

  14. I am re-reading all your old posts (jet lag and a sleeping house) :). Love seeing Phiona for the first time! And reading about your anticipation. I’m there with you!! Have fun on the beach this week!

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