We get what we need not what we want.

6 thoughts on “We get what we need not what we want.”

  1. I love this analogy of the cloud over the Grand Canyon and over the adoption process and how it lifted with this amazing gift from a woman who has held Kira and prayed over her. Also enjoyed the photos of The Big Ditch. Thank you for these blessings this morning.

  2. What an amazing blessing it must have been to receive that letter at just the right timing!! She has an amazing heart doesn’t she? I am blessed to call her my friend, and it was incredible to serve along- side her in Uganda.

  3. I remember that trip so well. Actually I can see pictures of the canyon in any magazine, but not the way we saw it, partially covered in fresh white snow…that was very special. Just as that cloud lifted, so will your heart be lifted when you see your precious baby – soon, very soon!

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