True Love: a book in hand.

5 thoughts on “True Love: a book in hand.”

  1. Your post makes me want to sigh both in agreement and melancholy. Bookstores here are just not the same. For whatever reason, printing prices are SO high and on top of that the genres are SO strange – much is written about meditation and sex and spiritism and what-have-you but little that I could and should enjoy. I appreciate my mom who makes sure to share her fiction titles with us when she is able. When I left Santiago two weeks ago I had half a dozen of her books to read … alas, they are all done now and I must wait for another round! In the meantime I do have a couple dozen non-fictions that are waiting to be read so I shouldn’t be lacking for awhile. 🙂

  2. Christian based non-fiction is my favorite–whether it is spiritual, physical or being a better mom, wife or friend, I feel like I can never stop trying to learn!

  3. As you well know Tonya, I adore books and book stores – the smaller the better. I have, since retirement, learned to appreciate our local library (mostly for Pete). That said, it doesn’t stop me from wandering into my favorite book stores and departing always with more than one book. If I love a book it becomes part of me and must stay with me! mom

  4. o my tonya, i giggled to myself when i got to the part about the the E-readers I feel the exact same way about them! I told my husband there is no way i want one of those things. i need to feel the book to smell the book otherwise it’s just not the same some how. I love to read. a couple of times a year here we have something called The Book Fair. o my how i love that place. books up to 90% of retail!!!! it’s my favorite place to go. one day I will send you a book written about my family and the indians they work with. it’s an amazing story..

  5. Hi Tonya, I so relate to your posts about reading. I am a book hound myself. I have to confess though that I am a convert to the Kindle. My husband got it for me as a gift, and I never thought I would like it… what a surprise that I do! (although it does no justice to texts or cookbooks) I hope you will still let me read your blog. 🙂 If Kevin hasn’t read “The Book Thief” yet, I would highly recommend it. I just finished it and it is one of those special books I know I will re-read, and share with anyone else I can convince to read it.

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