I’ve called a meeting with myself.

6 thoughts on “I’ve called a meeting with myself.”

  1. Just hung up the phone chatting with you. I love you too and can’t wait to meet in Uganda and hold that precious girl. I love that lens Tonya…great photos. Mom

  2. Beautiful photos Tonya! I understand needing a good distraction. I have a family-friendly movie recommendation that is always a good distraction for me… Hachiko, a Dog’s Story. It is based on a true story, stars Richard Gere, and is about an orphaned dog who is found and loved. I wish you peace and strength as you get closer to the finish-line, or the start-line, as it were!

  3. Loved your definition of “limbo”. ( my middle name for a couple years…) To me, it meant “letting go/letting God”. For you,’new found time’…..a gift, of sorts. Love you more than you can imagine and thank God for the inspiration you are to me.

  4. My heart goes out to you–you are such a precious, godly inspiration to all of us who feel like their lives are in perpetual limbo. I love your list of things to tackle while you’re waiting. I do have a wonderful CD by Swindoll called “Waiting Upon the Lord” if you would like to borrow it. It’s been a wonderful encouragement to me throughout the years. Blessings!

  5. Dear Tonya,
    Praying for you tonight, that you will find the courage
    to patiently wait for your precious little girl. How exciting it must be, I really can’t even imagine.

    You will be a wonderful mother to her, I know.

    I miss you, and think of our precious times together
    God Bless You Abundantly!!!

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