Student Drivers

4 thoughts on “Student Drivers”

  1. Oh Yes…I so remember those early driving days with you…and you are correct – I was terrified and a lousy ‘instructor’. I am still known to slam invisible brakes. On the other hand, you weren’t exactly the most patient student either. The important thing is we survived and so will your boys. I wish you posted that picture of you sprawled over the front of that little blue fiat…like it was Corvet or MG. You were SO proud of that little car.

  2. Even after 40 yrs of driving, driving in Houston can be petrifying! If our guys can learn to drive here, they can drive anywhere! Congratulations, Jordan!

  3. I can just picture you sitting tall and proud in your ‘beautiful blue Fiat’….and the left leg action tops even that picture!
    Mom L

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