My Shooting Arsenal

6 thoughts on “My Shooting Arsenal”

  1. I love it! I am interested in photography myself, although I haven’t started studying up on it yet. I don’t even have a camera yet. But I would like to start soon! It’s so fun! I love all your pictures! I’ll have to ask you for some pointers once I get a camera.

    Aww, that’s so great that you will be able to take pictures of the kids at the orphanage for the waiting families! That will mean so much to them! And to have good quality, that’s awesome!

    I’m so excited you all are leaving soon to meet your daughter!!! She is precious! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!! Praying!

  2. Your gift to us (photos of Eva and Isabel in your beautiful Connecticut yard) still hangs in a collage frame on their bedroom wall. And I know how much the missionary moms and dads treasured the senior portraits you did for the MK seniors here in Chile! Though I am no expert I do love taking pictures and sharing them on our blogs. I especially loved taking pictures for other adopting families when I visited our boys in Haiti. I’m sure your fellow adoptive parents from Kira’s orphanage will be holding their breath in expectation! When I went I would print out a list of each child’s name, their parents’ name, and I even included a tiny snapshot so I could be sure to get photographs for everyone who had requested them. It was a privilege and a joy that came back to me when others did the same!

  3. i have been shy to ask u about photography, i love photography so much, i do a lot of learning on line and now might enroll in a school possibly Jan so that the get my hands on. i want to purchase a new camera but this has proved to be a bigger problem than i thout.they are so expensive and i have failed to make the best decision on which camera to buy(would like ur advice on his). also bought some editing soft ware but just learning to use it like light-room 3.2. i love photography i feel so fulfilled when am doing it. Tonya would u help me some time in this area when i ask for help?

  4. Tonya, I still treasure the beautiful photos of Sophia you took when she was almost a year old. They are my favorite photos of her by far. I have one on the wall in my closet, so that when I am getting ready each morning I get to see her adorable chubby cheeks, rosebud lips and wispy-fine hair captured so perfectly by you. It literally makes me smile every time – no matter what my mood is that moment. What a gift! Thank you again

  5. You have filled our albums, computer, frames and refrigerator with wonderful memories and I can’t begin to THANK YOU.
    Mom L

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