Delivery Date Dejavu

5 thoughts on “Delivery Date Dejavu”

  1. Everytime I start to get a little stressed about getting things in order to join you in Uganda…I think about all the details you are managing and I calm right down…..and I am so very grateful that He truly is The One In Charge! I have been remembering the time when I was “expecting” three grandsons within six weeks apart (from three different mothers)…and wondering how I could possibly stay on top of it all. This expectation seems to rival that!

  2. How exciting for you! The day is almost here for you to wrap your arms around your precious daughter! I know you, Craig and the boys can’t wait. The Lord’s timing is always perfect and he knows exactly when you will get the call. Remember to keep trusting in Him and He will give you the strength that you need! I will be praying!

    In His Love,

    P.S. Did you ever receive the pictures from Jack’s birthday party? I hope it brought lots of smiles to your faces!!

  3. So many details to manage but you are gifted that way! I wait in expectation with you to see all that GOD is going to do as He brings you and Kira together once and for all.

  4. You are all being faithful in HIS timing….I just hope when your call comes you will have enought time to get to the airport.
    Mom L.

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