Zoo photography vs. Safari

3 thoughts on “Zoo photography vs. Safari”

  1. The bird is the crested crane, which is also the nat’l bird of Rwanda. Pretty cool creatures. I loved seeing the hippos in the wild. Had no idea they were submerged for so much of their lives. So funny to see the dots on the surface of the water and realize you’re being watched. ;O) And the way the giraffes come down to the plain in specific order to ensure the survival of the family. Ah, the creativity of our God. So glad you got to enjoy Donny. Can’t wait to have our college guy back in my frig looking for soy milk. Wish y’all were closer. Btw, loved your piece on Donny’s beauty question. Perfect.

  2. The national bird in Uganda is the Grey Crowned Crane. How beautiful! Of course, what I would love to see while in Africa is a flock of African Greys !

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