The beauty obsession

6 thoughts on “The beauty obsession”

  1. Although a book with an attractive cover may catch our attention . . . it won’t hold it for long without a compelling story between the covers.

    Same goes for women with beauty and no brains. 🙂

    Glad you’re all enjoying your time with Donny and that he’s enjoying being reunited with you.

  2. I loved the picture of Donny and Jack at school. Jack’s smile tells it all! I am missing you all…it feels way longer than three months since I’ve seen you.

  3. Donny looks very happy to be home! You are giving him sage advice! It’s amazing how little girls pick that up so quickly. Our 5 year old already knows that a pretty dress, cute pigtails and a tilted-head smile gets Daddy to do pretty much whatever she wants. Now how in the world did she learn that? 🙂

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