Jordan’s Homecoming

4 thoughts on “Jordan’s Homecoming”

  1. First of all, Jordan, you look very handsome! The mum thing is awesome. I’ve never heared of that! Our memories or homecoming, Tonya, are identical. Blah. Who went to those dances anyway? I’m so glad homecoming will be a good memory for our kids. Our weird rituals: pink-out day. EVERYONE wears as much pink as possible the Friday of the homecoming game. They sell lots of t-shirts and stuff all for breast cancer awareness. I don’t know how this got started. Even the football team wears pink uniforms! They do this at school and then everyone shows up in pink for the homecoming parade. It is a little freaky to loan your son pink clothing to wear to school. You’re only 15 once! (thank God!)

  2. Jordan, you are looking very much like a man now-a-days. I think the suit you are wearing gives you that look. I wonder where you got it…. 🙂
    But hey, in all honesty, you are growing up. Looking at these pictures brings back memories from homecoming last year, and all of fun we all had.
    Keep looking stylish bud! I can’t wait to see yall this weekend!

  3. Jordan very handsome and I have to say the girl that picked you is very pretty..she has excellent taste. You don’t look like the guy I saw on the beach this summer! I agree, I don’t understand the traditions but it looks like fun. So is the suit going to be a tradition for the LaTorre boy’s homecomming?
    Mom L.

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