Watoto Restore Tour

5 thoughts on “Watoto Restore Tour”

  1. Tonya,

    After Owen joined our family, in an effort to understand his birthmother’s history I read books about the Lost Boys of Sudan. Sometimes the suffering simply overwhelmed me.

    Thank you for sharing these stories.

  2. Thank you for your explanation of the war. We attended the performance Sunday, and was blessed by the radiance of hope and forgiveness in these children.

  3. your history was good even me a ugandan would have narrated the story the way u did.4 a long time northern uganda seemed a black out even ugandans had given up hope that almost no one would talk about it as though Gulu was not part of the countrty. but now God has restored that place its now the main trade root to sudan. every time we call on God’s name he answers it may take long but surely he does nt forget us.

  4. I am so happy to hear that the future is so much better for these people. I have not been able to forget the images and story after seing the CD. Praise God that HE is restoring the people’s lives.
    Mom L.

  5. I sat next to a beautiful girl who I’d met one week before sitting in the gutter crying, and she had been beaten & more. She came to see the ‘Restore Tour’ and that night she gave her heart to our great restorer JESUS 🙂
    Gods timing is prefect & He is Amazing!

    God Bless all involved in the ‘Restore Tour’, you are changing lives for the better!

    In love Maree x

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