Mama’s intuitive alerts

9 thoughts on “Mama’s intuitive alerts”

  1. We are continuing to pray for Kira. I know these kinds of reports and pictures can be disconcerting. We had many of them ourselves, especially with Noah — malnutrition, slow growth, slow development. You will be amazed at how quickly she will catch up once she is with her family. And although the waiting is difficult, she is still an infant. Noah was almost three and a whopping 22 lbs. when he came home and he adjusted beautifully.

  2. Oh, girlfriend, how I ache for you. I put your card on my frig so that we are reminded to be in constant prayer for her (and y’all!). God will redeem the “years the locusts have eaten”. This is not a shock to Him. He holds Kira and you in His mighty right hand. I love you!

  3. Tonya, i am praying for you and for Kira. I know as a mother we so desperatly want to make the world right around our children. praying God works a miracle on your family’s behalf so Kira can be in her familys loving arms!

  4. Thank you my friends for all your love, prayers and encouragement. We stepped into this journey knowing our hearts could be ripped wide open, and even so God has kept us whole as he will keep our Kira protected. I believe the scriptures where God promises to be the father to the fatherless. I know she is in the best care. Thanks for being here for me during the harder more vulnerable times. Being sad is ok. It’s honest. It’s always better than pretending. Thanks for allowing me to be honest here. Tonya

  5. Tonya,
    We will definitely be praying for you, your family and precious Kira, and that you will be united with her very, very soon. There’s nothing worse than the ache of empty arms and wanting so desperately to hold your hurting child. A mother instinctively wants to fix things, but that is where our dependence & faith in God is so imperative. It’s difficult to imagine, but He loves your precious one even more than you do. He’s holding her even if you can’t at this moment.
    Take heart in Nanette’s words–I’m her neighbor and have seen Noah grow from a tiny, tiny 3 yr old, to a vibrant little boy. God is good that way, and he will bless Kira, too!

  6. Bless your heart. We just need to get our girls home, and soon! In the meantime, God is caring for them with love and wisdom that we cannot fathom — nothing is better than that. Praying with you for Kira and our Amelia, who are probably still sleeping in the same room!

  7. Sweet Jesus,
    You love little children. You love Kira and you know her every need. Lord I ask that you would comfort her. Let her feel love and joy. I pray Lord that every anxiety in Kira heart and the Latorres hearts would be washed away. I pray that this day they would get the call to come pick up their baby girl. I pray that Kira would dream of her mama and daddy and all of her wonderful brothers. I pray that Kira will recognize her family with a smile when they are finally united. I ask for protection of Kira’s body, her mind, her heart, and her soul. I ask these things the the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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