Cat Confessions

3 thoughts on “Cat Confessions”

  1. Oh dear, I can’t believe you asked for a vote on this! I chuckled when I read “you stumbled upon this kitty at the shelter???” What in the world were you doing at a shelter? And we all know there is no such thing as an ‘outdoor cat’ …. they always end up inside (at least in our family). I won’t vote, but I can’t wait to hear Craig’s take on Coco; however, the fact she is in his favorite chair says alot. I also can’t wait to meet her. Mom
    p.s. to complete your family, you need a cockatoo – too!

  2. The facts of the ‘cat story’ are very clear and require no ‘defense’ on my part (since the truth is my defense). That said, some additional context may be helpful.

    We do need to separate the issues: one, do I like the cat? Two, under what pretext was the cat brought into our home? On the first point, I do confess that I am enjoying the cat more than I had anticipated. The cat has not earned the full status of being like, but she is making progress. If I begin to like her, I will call her by her name and not ‘the cat’.

    Two, the trickery on Tonya’s part cannot be denied. She never seriously contemplated having the cat do it’s hired work of killing rats. We’ve had the cat for a month and she has not even been outside the house. As I said, these facts are not in question!

  3. I really miss that cat. Maybe even more than my brothers 🙂 haha that is not the case. It really made me happy today to see Coco, and now I’m finally thankful for the blog my mom always talks about, but I always gently ignore her.
    Thanks mom!

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