Adoption connections

4 thoughts on “Adoption connections”

  1. The child who passed away in Ethiopia is a true tragedy. A loving family awaiting them now sorrows, the child is gone. As an awaiting, adoptive parent it is impossible to understand. It is these moments when everthing is outside of my control that I turn it over to God. He would not allow this to happen except that it is part of His plan. He does not call me to understand His plan, but instead to have peace in obeying it. We are trusting that Kira is part of His plan for us.

    On a lighter note, to be clear, it was Tonya who resisted adoption for all of those years, not me. I’ve been nagging her since Jack went off to school his first day … about 5 years ago!

  2. I too pray for obedience to HIS plan, but my heart aches for those little ones suffering.
    Craig, glad you kept on nagging!
    Mom L.

  3. After eight years of secondary infertility, our hearts were too tender to risk the heartache of what this family has suffered; our prayers go out to them. We also pray for our minster & his wife–they must feel anxiety and anticipation even more to get their precious baby.

    Kira is so blessed to have the arms of her future parents waiting for her and loving her already. We can’t wait to celebrate her arrival! Blessings!

  4. My third and final visit to see my sons in Haiti was heartwrenching for this very reason – I had arrived intending to photograph many children for their waiting parents and one of those sweet babies, a little girl who was my own sons’ roommate, I learned upon arrival had passed away just a day or two before from complications to fever and diarrhea. Then my boys caught the fever that very week and there is no desperation like being in a Third World country with your very sick child … and having to leave them behind as you return to a healthy home and hospitals that could meet their every need. It is when you fall upon God’s great mercy. Oh how my heart aches for this family.

    Your photographs remind me of these pictures of our own dear son Ian – I do not know if you might have seen them previously. Thanks be to GOD for His grace!

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