Concerns for travelling to Uganda

4 thoughts on “Concerns for travelling to Uganda”

  1. I did have some of these concerns for you and the boys. Thanks for clearing them up. As usual it sounds like you have done your homework and prepared for (hopefully) all circumstances that might happen. I know you would not take chances with your ‘precious cargo’.
    Mom L.

  2. Tonya, I just love your wildlife photos! And oh that one with the waterfall! HOw I love that one…. There were waterfalls in venezuela where I lived in the jungle and I just loved going to them. There is something so majestic about them. There is a Mountain in Venezuela that is called Dueda and we had to fly over or around it to get from the city to our village and o how I think you would have loved seeing it. It has soooo many waterfalls that are just huge! Truly a spectacular site! Erin

  3. Tonya,

    Thanks for speaking highly of Passport Health. We are certainly glad to have helped you stay healthy. I appreciate your realistic and fresh look on Uganda, which unfortunately, like many countries in Africa, gets a bad rap that is not always true.

    Your photos are gorgeous and the best of luck to you with your adoption. You are in inspiration.

    Sincerely, Katie

  4. I love your preparations and enthusiasm about your new daughter and life itself, thank you for being an inspiration to me.
    God Bless all of you always.

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