The wonders and woes of waiting for baby.

6 thoughts on “The wonders and woes of waiting for baby.”

    1. Oh, girlfriend, how I ache for you. Even I want to hold Kira now. I just returned from a visit to Rwanda, so your pictures make me smile and long to be back there again. I will continue to pray for your chocolate bunny and for your reunion. How awesome for Emily to join y’all also. What a huge answer to prayer. Hugs to Donny as he heads off to Baylor. I’m sure he’ll be sad not to join your family for their extended visit to Uganda. Wish he was closer so we could snuggle up to him in your absence. Would he like to fly here for Thanksgiving? Just thinking… We love you!

  1. Craig gets her first, but you get her the rest of your life! How I crave to do “girl things” with a daughter! I’m hoping someday that Harrison will marry a sweet Christian young lady that I can call my own and share those times with her! I’m so excited for the whole family!

    As for Donny, I would be happy to be his Baylor mom if he should need anything while you’re gone. It would be a great excuse to make the 3 hr. trip to Waco!

  2. I’ll pray along with Emily and you, that would be a blessing for all of you. I agree Craig should be first, he’s waited for his ‘little girl’ a long time, besides, you will have her all day long while he works to support TWO girls!!! Craig are you ready??
    Mom L.

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