Let’s Talk about our Adoption

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about our Adoption”

  1. Kira’s baby crib is adorable! Your love for her will be overflowing when you can get her in your arms. I long to hold her too. Thank you for the updated pictures too.
    love to all always

  2. I loved this post! And I can’t wait for tomorrow’s. Now I have to look up some of those books you photographed because several were unfamiliar to me. The Choco book is wonderful and we’ve been reading it for years. 🙂

    The last picture of Donny with Kira’s Michigan outfit is absolutely priceles..

  3. i love her baby crib! it’s breathtaking. just as i prayed for steph’s boys to come home i pray for your little Kira. i wish so much i could see her picture! but i guess virginia is a little to far away to run into eachother on the street. 🙂 praying everything starts moving fast!

  4. The Michigan outfit really becomes Donny, don’t you think? I believe Kira will also need Baylor Bear attire…I predict she will be going to many games in the future!

    Don’t buy too much stuff–it won’t leave us an excuse to buy baby gifts for her! After we get our kids off to BU, we need to get together and talk about a shower…Blessings!

  5. I’m so glad we will be sharing a room with Kira. I always felt there was somthing missing, now I know what it was….Kira!

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