Turtle Rescue

3 thoughts on “Turtle Rescue”

  1. I loved this story Tonya…you know how I am about any critter and I could just visualize you with your camera in your jammies!!. But I do have a question…are you sure it was a he..and not a she…and perhaps she was going somewhere to lay her eggs? Sometimes human’s best intention’s delay nature’s surest intent. I learned this lesson a few times the hard way. Love, mom p.s. The picture was worth a thousand words!

    1. That’s a good point about the eggs. Only if she/he were road kill it would be moot. Its better she / he try again from the safety of the lake.

  2. loved this post tonya, as always. i always save reading your blog till the kids are in bed sleeping so i can savor each word you have written. i can relate to wanting that protective shell. my husband and i just accepted a position as youth pastors at our church. my biggest fear is to be rejected. i have been fretting about that. GOd reminded me last night that we are there to serve HIM and if we follow HIS plan what else matters. anyways don’t want to bore you just wanted to let you know again how much i love your blog you never fail to touch my heart. erin

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