Kevin’s gone off to the mission field.

3 thoughts on “Kevin’s gone off to the mission field.”

  1. Jordan reports he never saw any underwear laid out on the floor among the shorts and tshirts. We laughed all through dinner about it. Jordan says he could bear living with one pair but not the teasing that would occur when all his roommates discovered he’d forgotten the underwear. We’ll see when he gets back how it went for silly Kevin.

  2. Sounds like your boys are going to be experiencing alot this summer! That is awesome that the teens are required to memorize verses, take sermon notes, etc. and meet weekly to prepare for their trip. I so much miss the south and the opportunities that the children/youth have. It sure isn’t the same here in Connecticut. Maybe it will change but it needs lots of prayer. I am so happy that your boys have a great youth group. I know how the inner city is as one who has ministered to the children in the 4th wards. I will pray for them this week.
    In His Love,

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