Dorm Decorating

2 thoughts on “Dorm Decorating”

  1. I chuckled reading this blog Tonya, remembering when we hauled you off to UofM for your freshman year – along with everything else, a ‘loft’ that Pete built for your room so you could have your own ‘space’. I’m wondering…will there be room for a roommate in Donny’s dorm with all you are sending? mom

  2. Tonya, please pray–Harrison still doesn’t have a place to live. After waiting for weeks to see if his friend was going to transfer there so they could room together, we finally gave up and decided on Brooks Flats. The problem being, there is “no room in the inn”. The housing director is doing an audit to see where to place him. I’m glad you’ve got everything for Donny–we have NOTHING–since we don’t know what size bed he’ll have. It’s a little discouraging, but we’re trying to have faith.
    Is Donny going to Line Camp? Harrison’s going the 27th–hopefully that will stir some excitement and he can see where he’ll be living.

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