You are here.

3 thoughts on “You are here.”

  1. hmmmm…..I’m thinking about this. Your “here..or truth tube” certainly isn’t necessarily where mine is, as it is so individual…BUT it is certainly worth thinking about. I like goals and I like achieving higher standards. And, I will admit that it becomes even more important as I age. I just might have to join you in this effort.

  2. Hi Tonya – your post was like an “I told you so” for me this morning. As I was getting dressed I decided that Shawn must have put my slacks in the dryer… they seemed tighter than normal. Never mind that he doesn’t wash my clothes, I needed something to blame it on! I have been making many excuses for not being in top shape right now… too hot, too tired, new puppy, 3 little kids, taxing job, etc., etc. (you get the picture). I don’t just want to join you, I NEED to!

    1. Welcome! I am so glad I am not alone. I know I am better at everything in my life when my health is tip top. We can make changes to get there. We just have to put ourselves on the list. T

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