Stars and stripes in sequins

3 thoughts on “Stars and stripes in sequins”

  1. Your blog means everything to me Tonya — it brings back memories that I had forgotten about and so happy to remember them now. I do not like crowds and stay away as much as possible. I do love people and watching people is fun for me too. I also love your Mom’s Leland Fourth of July small town parade. Mark served in Germany at Check Point Charlie and I thank God every single day he is safe and also served his country with great pride and still serves his God each and every always and forever Grandma

  2. We had a fabulous fourth celebration in Northern Michigan, and blessed to share with my closest friends from downstate. The week-end included a spectacular Blue Angels Show, small town parade, fireworks around the lake, bonfires, etc. I have to say, however, that I would have LOVED to have been able to attend your Sunday church service, because they celebrated the true reason for this holiday….the freedome we all have the privilege to enjoy, freedom given to us by those who serve.

  3. We have a great celebration here on the Lake. We start out watching the Lake Mohawk Ski Hawks, award winning performance by the skiers, followed by a community parade and a BBQ and fireworks in the evening with good friends. Only thing better would be to share it all with you guys.
    Dad and I always have tears in our eyes when leaving church after singing ‘America The Beautiful’! Even with the troubles in our country, I can’t imagine living anywhere better.
    Mom L.

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