The making of a family photo…

7 thoughts on “The making of a family photo…”

  1. Donny is the only ‘constant/cooperative’ in each of these three photos…somehow this is not a surprise. Kira will easily fall in love with each of you. We are all anxious for her to come home. Mom/Nana

  2. She can start on my hip (where she belongs) and when she get’s big enough, she can go to my shoulders! Occasionally, I’ll let Tonya hold her.

  3. I am praying for you as you wait. Ughhhh! I hate waiting! This must be especially painful as you know, being a mother of 4, that you are missing those precious little facial expressions, the first time she rolls over, the searching eyes which probe deeply into yours. My heart breaks for you even now as I think about it. I’m going to Rwanda again in July. I pray that you’ll already be in Uganda by the time I go to Rwanda. If not, I might just march right up there and goose them a little bit. 😉

    1. You should know more than most about the agony of waiting as two years fr the boys from Haiti dragged on. Thanks for the encouragement. I am ok.

  4. Maybe you should have sent the two prep pictures so she could see what she was really getting into, fun loving, silly brothers, of course the agency might not release her, especially with the stern, unhappy looking parents!

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