You can hold a toucan!

6 thoughts on “You can hold a toucan!”

  1. HEE HEE! THANKS FOR THE TOUCAN STORY AND PHOTOS! I was there with you in the enclosure, enjoying your connection to this quirky bird.

  2. Hi Tonya, I grew up in the amazon jungle my parents were missionaries to the yanamomu indians there. WHen I was a little girl around 10 I think my dad got me a set of toucans just like those as a pet. I loved them sooo much. I played with them and talked to them they had amazing personalities. Toucan’s mate for life as well. I named them fruit and loop. Fruit was killed my a possum and a couple of days later Loop died of a broken heart. But they are very cool birds! Enjoy your time in costa rica!

    1. Thank you Erin so much for the stories from your memories. I envy you growing up in the Amazon jungle. What a great experience. We are loving the rainforest. I saw many toucans today in the rainforest up in the trees traveling in families and happily observing us from way up high in the tops of the trees. This nature experience is exactly what I think heaven must be like.

  3. Hi Tonya and Craig….Looks like you are enjoying your time in Costa Rica. I don’t know how many times people have come up to me when I have had my green boy Drew (male Eclectus) out in public and said “I didn’t think he was real”. Well, looking at your pictures, now I understand. They are so beautiful, they look like a gorgeous stuffed puppet!

    1. This is absolutely a place you and Pete must visit. You will love it. Start studying some spanish now.

  4. So are there a pair of Tucans living in your family room now? I know how you like to bring back a souvenir from all your travels!!

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