thinking about babies…

5 thoughts on “thinking about babies…”

  1. He enjoyed it more than he’s letting on, I bet. He’s going to be this princess’ knight in shining armor, and she will be the able of his eye. Really, with the age span, she’ll be considered an only child. Not all (especially mine) aren’t spoiled, just get a lot of individual attention. Remember, if she’s the princess, you’ll always be the QUEEN–don’t let your men forget it!

  2. Tonya, sometimes you make me laugh out loud..and that is a good thing! You are so lucky to have Craig… Thank God! that he loves you, knows you so well and is so very patient. Mom

  3. Very happy for you, and for all of us….the girls are cheering to know that Kira will even things out!! Happy for us all too

  4. So glad you enjoyed ‘Babies’, I have been wanting to see it. I will soon and let you know.
    Craig is a great husband and partner for you.
    You’re perfect together!
    Mom L.

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