Our Adoption from Uganda is on the move!

6 thoughts on “Our Adoption from Uganda is on the move!”

  1. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us and our daughter. God is working His plan, according to His purpose. Please continue to pray for our daughter and the preparation of our hearts to receive her home.

  2. Tonya and Craig,

    I’m so excited about your adoption, and how your boys are so accepting of another sibling. I predict she will never date because she will have five “protectors”, poor thing. Tonya, i love your reflective response–that you ponder on “these things” just as Mary did with Jesus. And Craig, usually it’s the man that is more reserved, so it’s refreshing to experience your enthusiasm toward life. Andy & I tried for 8 heart-breaking years to add to our family and briefly considered adoption, but adoption itself can have devastating effects if it falls through, and our hearts were very fragile and our bank account very empty after that journey. We’re so blessed to have Harrison and have an incredible relationship with him; we are definitely blessed. It took me a long time to not feel envy toward large families and to accept God’s plan for our small family, but look forward to the future of having many grandchildren (in God’s timing!) Blessings to you all, and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Andy & Linda

  3. Wow!! This are GREAT news!! Thank you for sharing with us Tonya. I love my Jack so much, he is the sweetest boy on earth. I love your 4 boys but I don’t know what it is about Jack that he still my heart every time.
    I relate to the part were you withdraw, I am very much the same way. I will be patient and wait for you to process your feeling and be ready to share them. I love you guys so much and will continue to pray for your baby girl.

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